Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence gathered for Scotland's route map - equality and Fairer Scotland impact assessment

This is the first publication of an overview of the range of poverty and equality impacts evidenced in relation to the complex range of measures that will be taken as we follow the route map out of the crisis and focus on the mission of making Scotland a greener, fairer and more prosperous country.

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8. Moving Forward

The Route Map was always intended to be dynamic and responsive in the light of evolving evidence and feedback. It has been updated since its initial publication and is likely to be updated again. Given these changes, as well as the coverage of the Route Map, it is clear that the evidence gathered for impact assessments will also need to be updated and respond to developing proposals, evidence, stakeholder views, public opinion and context. As individual policies and activities are developed in later phases, new impacts may be assessed and outcomes from previous phases may become clearer. There will be no easy decisions as various risks and harms need to be balanced but impact assessment is one of the tools that will ensure that good decisions are made, based on the best available evidence.



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