Equality and Fairer Scotland Budget Statement 2022-2023

The Equality and Fairer Scotland Budget Statement (EFSBS) 2022-23 assesses where the Scottish Government is proposing to spend public money and how it aims to reduce inequality. The EFSBS is a supporting document to the Scottish Budget and should be read alongside associated Budget publications.

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National priorities

National Performance Framework

The Scottish Budget directs spend in a way that promotes the 11 national outcomes in the National Performance Framework (NPF), as well as its overall purpose:

"to create a more successful country with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increased wellbeing and sustainable and inclusive economic growth."

Programme for Government

Every year, the Programme for Government sets out the Scottish Government's aims for the coming year. The budget then allocates money to support these goals. The 2021-22 Programme for Government focuses on supporting Scotland out of the pandemic, and towards a better future. It commits to:

  • Establish a Caring Nation: setting out a new vision for health and social care
  • Create a Land of Opportunity: supporting young people and promoting a fairer and more equal society
  • Secure a Net Zero Nation: ending Scotland's contribution to climate change, restoring nature and enhancing our climate resilience, in a just and fair way
  • Create an Economy that Works for All of Scotland's People and Places: putting sustainability, wellbeing and fair work at the heart of our economic transformation
  • Living Better: supporting thriving, resilient and diverse communities
  • Establish Scotland in the World: championing democratic principles, at home and abroad

Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party Shared Policy Programme

This agreement sets out priority areas for action, including affordable homes, a new deal for tenants, steps to accelerate our response to the climate emergency, reform of public services, and ensuring that the people of Scotland are given a say on the country's constitutional future.


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