Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Scotland) Regulations 2021: guidance

Guidance relating to the implementation of the Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Scotland) Regulations 2021.

Annex A – Covers, Caps and Lids

62. The following is reproduced from section 4.4.2 of the EU SUPD Guidance and provides further clarification on what types of covers, caps and lids are covered by the EU SUPD. The information provided below covers products from all Articles of the EU SUPD and therefore only the definitions relevant to single-use expanded polystyrene beverage cups, including their covers and lids and single-use expanded polystyrene beverage containers, including their caps and lids apply for these regulations.

63. The Directive refers to caps and lids as closures for beverage containers and beverage bottles, whereas for cups for beverages the Directive refers to lids and covers.

64. Caps, lids and covers close beverage containers with the objective to retain its contents. They are used in combination with beverage containers, beverage bottles, and cups for beverages to ensure that the liquid product contained does not overflow and can be transported. The Directive does not provide a clear definition, nor does any existing EU legislation or technical standards. Nevertheless, the following guidance can be used to define them:

65. Caps: closures that are fitted onto beverage containers or beverage bottles, for example, in order to prevent the contained liquid from leaking (also after for example a lid has been removed) and to allow for safe transportation. Caps are currently typically of screw or hinged snap types. Screw caps can be flat top, which is the most common form, or be the base support for e.g. a drinking spout generally termed a sports cap. Sports caps can in turn be either of the push-pull shutter or flip-top types which by nature are designed to remain attached to the beverage container. This type of cap will often include a tamper-evident feature.

66. Lids: plastic or composite material that include plastic films sealed onto beverage containers, beverage bottles and cups for beverages. They can be peeled or torn-off. Once such a lid is removed on first opening by a consumer it cannot be placed back on the product. Lids can also refer to certain larger diameter or non-round caps.

67. Covers: Closure used on cups for beverages which protect the liquid contained but generally do not provide a complete seal. They can be re-placed on the product after having been removed without losing their closure function. Some covers may have a tamper-evident feature, which is considered part of the closure assembly.


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