Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill Consultation Document Environmental Report February 2012

This Environmental Report sets out the results of the assessment of the possible environmental effects of provisions in the Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill.


15.1 Future milestones in the development of the Bill are listed in Table 6 below, including dates for when the key stages are expected to be completed.

Table 6. Bill Consultation and Environmental Report Timeframe

Milestone Expected date
Consultation period on the Bill Consultation Document December 2011 - 2 March 2012
Consultation period on the Environmental Report February - 16 March 2012
Consideration of consultation responses March 2012
Bill introduced to the Scottish Parliament Spring 2012
Publication of the SEA Post Adoption Statement Once Bill has been passed in Parliament

15.2 Views on the Bill Consultation Document and the findings of the SEA are now being sought. The Bill Consultation Document sets out the information on how to respond to the consultation. In summary, please send your response (along with the completed Respondent Information Form) to:

Email: aquacultureandfisheriesconsultation@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Or Mail: 1B-North, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

Telephone: 0131 244 6243

Fax: 0131 244 6512

If you have any queries please contact Catriona Graham on 0131 244 6243.


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