Environment strategy: initial monitoring framework

Overview of the initial selection of indicators for the environment strategy for Scotland monitoring framework and plans for reporting progress.


1. The Environment Strategy for Scotland: vision and outcomes

2. Scotland’s National Performance Framework

3. The UN Sustainable Development Goals

4. These contributions are described in a supporting file to the ‘vision and outcomes’ publication: ‘Contribution of the Environment Strategy vision and outcomes to National Outcomes and UN Sustainable Development Goals’

5. Including NatureScot, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Zero Waste Scotland.

6. Including the Environment Strategy External Reference Group and Scottish Environment LINK.

7. Securing a green recovery on a path to net zero: climate change plan 2018–2032 - update

8. A full description of each outcome is set out in ‘The Environment Strategy for Scotland: vision and outcomes’ (pages 15-18) 

9. State of Nature Scotland Report 2019

10. The 2020 Challenge for Scotland’s Biodiversity

11. Scottish biodiversity strategy post-2020: statement of intent

12. Reported annually in the Air Pollutant Inventories for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The following pollutants are included: ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, non-methane volatile organic compounds, particulate matter less than 10 micrometres (PM10), particulate matter less than 2.5 micrometres (PM2.5), sulphur dioxide and lead.

13. River Basin Management Plans

14. As the Monitoring Framework is further developed, we will explore the scope to include an additional indicator of ocean acidification, a key impact on the marine environment from increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

15. The Clean Seas National Indicator

16. Scotland’s Marine Assessment 2020: beach litter

17. OSPAR Assessment: Plastic Particles in Fulmar Stomachs in the North Sea

18. Scotland’s Marine Assessment 2020: Predicted extent of physical disturbance to seafloor

19. ClimateXChange: Measuring the vulnerability of Scottish soils to a changing climate

20. Greenhouse Gas Emissions National Indicator

21. Climate change: reducing greenhouse gas emissions - gov.scot

22. Carbon Footprint National Indicator

23. It should be noted that there are major limitations on the accuracy and quality of consumption-based measures, even if compiled using the best available methodologies and data.

24. These indicators will also be reported annually in the Monitoring Framework for the Climate Change Plan, as updated in December 2020.

25. National Forest Inventory: Woodland Ecological Condition

26. A wide range of waste and recycling indicators are reported in Scotland. We have selected a sub-set of these which help to present a strategic overview of Scotland’s progress in transitioning to a circular economy.

27. Waste Generated National Indicator

28. Zero Waste Scotland: Carbon Metric Publications

29. We expect that Scotland’s material footprint will be an effective measure to help track progress towards this outcome, but will review the indicator once finalised.

30. Scottish Natural Capital Accounts: 2020

31. The Environment Strategy indicator measures the monetary flows from services provided by the following natural capital assets: agricultural biomass, fish capture, timber, water abstraction, minerals, renewable energy, carbon sequestration, air pollution removal, noise mitigation, urban cooling and recreation.

32. Natural Capital Asset Index National Indicator

33. NatureScot Research Report 1071 - Feasibility study for a Marine Natural Capital Asset Index for Scotland

34. Visits to the Outdoors National Indicator

35. Access to Green and Blue Space National Indicator

36. Journeys by Active Travel National Indicator

37. We expect that Scotland’s water footprint will be an effective measure to help track progress towards this outcome, but will review the indicator once finalised.

38. Such as ecological or land footprint measures, or the footprints of selected imported commodities.

39. Sustainability of Fish Stocks National Indicator

40. National Emission Ceilings Directive Regulations 2018. The National Air Pollution Control Programme sets out measures and analysis for how emission reduction commitments can be met across the UK.

41. The River Basin Management Plans

42. Background document for the EcoQO on plastic particles in stomachs of seabirds

43. Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019

44. Securing a green recovery on a path to net zero: climate change plan 2018–2032 - update

45. Climate Change Plan: third report on proposals and policies 2018-2032 (RPP3)

46. Making Things Last: a circular economy strategy for Scotland


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