Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of digital technology

National strategy to ensure all learners and educators are able to benefit from digital technology in their education.

Annex B: Strategic Principles

The following principles were identified as fundamental to effective learning and teaching supported by digital technology. They were considered when developing this strategy and should be considered when developing future national and local approaches to the use of digital technology in learning and teaching.

The best interest of learners - All decisions relating to the provision and incorporation of digital technology in learning and teaching must be in the best interest of learners.

Local leadership and national support - Approaches to learning and teaching enhanced by digital technology work best when adapted to local contexts. It should be for local leaders to make decisions concerning the use of digital technology to support education. The Scottish Government and Education Scotland will support these local decisions by providing advice and guidance.

Partnership working and sharing practice - In order for digital technology to successfully enhance learning and teaching, partnership working, the sharing of responsibility and the sharing of practice is essential. Our learners will only be able to benefit fully from digital technology in education once this collaborative approach is embedded.

Inclusion and opportunities for all learners - The unique flexibility offered by digital technology allows educators to tailor their approaches to best suit individual learners. When learners have the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them, they have the best opportunity to improve their educational outcomes.

Integration - Any successful approach to enhancing learning and teaching through the use of digital technology must be integrated and aligned with relevant policies and initiatives in both the education and digital sectors.

Sustainability and affordability - The prominence of digital technology in society has grown rapidly in recent years and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. To ensure that our children and young people can benefit fully for generations to come, it is imperative that any developments are both sustainable and affordable.

Evolution - Digital technology is constantly changing both in terms of the technology itself and the pedagogies used to deliver learning and teaching enhanced by digital technology. To ensure our children and young people benefit fully, our approaches will need to be continuously reviewed and improved.


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