Energy consumer action plan

Sets out our commitment to ensure consumers are at the heart of Scotland's energy transition.

Summary of Actions

  • We will establish an independent Energy Consumers Commission for Scotland to give Scottish consumers a more powerful voice in Scottish and British energy policy; 
  • We will bring together industry, consumer groups and Ofgem to develop an energy consumer charter for Scotland, which will set guiding principles to support the collective effort needed to address the issues that impact Scottish consumers;
  • We will consult widely to encourage lively public debate that allows the people of Scotland to shape their energy future;
  • We will legislate to introduce a statutory consumer duty on Scottish public authorities to place consumer interests at the heart of policy and regulatory decision-making, ensuring that consumer outcomes are reflected in the energy transition;
  • We will continue to advocate for much needed reforms to the energy market to the UK Government and Ofgem. In parallel we will work to improve consumer outcomes where we have the powers;
  • We will invest in supporting new approaches to tackle energy affordability through our new Improving Consumer Outcomes Fund, to ensure that the energy market works for all consumers, including the most vulnerable;
  • We will explore ways to provide more holistic support to vulnerable energy consumers, including making it easier to access priority support and providing more help for consumers with energy debt; and
  • We will develop an interactive data hub to provide the most comprehensive picture possible of the experience of Scottish energy consumers.



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