Coronavirus (COVID-19) Highest Risk (formerly Shielding) List end: equality and fairer Scotland impact assessment

This presents an assessment of any differential impact on each of the protected characteristics of the decision to end Scotland’s Covid Highest Risk List, formerly the Shielding List and considers any possible inequality of outcomes of the policy due to socio-economic differences.

13. Summary

13.1 In undertaking this EQIA, it was recognised that some, though not all protected characteristics, could be differentially impacted by the removal of the HRL, as well as some individuals from socio-economically vulnerable groups.

13.2 Our focus remains on ensuring the most at risk in our society are supported, and are not negatively impacted by the removal of the list, in line with the PSED.

13.3 As outlined above, the Scottish Government has or will put in place a range of measures to mitigate potential negative differential impacts of the policy to end the HRL for those on the list with protected characteristics or from socio-economically vulnerable groups.



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