Employment: our vision

Sets out our vision for Scotland's labour market as a key component in driving economic growth, inclusivity and equality.

Delivering the vision

The Employment Vision aligns to the overarching purpose and national outcomes of the National Performance Framework (NPF) and supports the aims and ambitions that are set out in the Covid Recovery Strategy and the Child Poverty Delivery Plan, as well as our Fairer Scotland Duty. It is underpinned by the five dimensions of Fair Work:

  • effective voice
  • respect
  • opportunity
  • fulfilment.
  • security

Our economic strategy, the National Strategy for Economic  Transformation (NSET), sets out a vision for a wellbeing economy: a society that is thriving across economic, social and environmental dimensions, and that delivers prosperity for all Scotland’s people and places, within environmental limits.

 Our labour market programmes on Fair Work, Skilled Workforce and Employability Support sit at the heart of NSET and we are taking forward a number of projects that will deliver a range of actions that will help to create the labour market that we want for Scotland. The projects include:

  • adapting the education and skills system to make it more agile and responsive to our economic needs and ambitions
  • supporting and incentivising people, and their employers, to invest in skills and training throughout their working lives
  • expanding Scotland’s available talent pool, at all skills levels, to give employers the skills pipeline they need to take advantage of opportunities
  • tackling poverty through fairer pay and conditions
  • eradicating structural barriers to participation in the labour market

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