Employment: our vision

Sets out our vision for Scotland's labour market as a key component in driving economic growth, inclusivity and equality.

Labour market ambitions

Published in spring 2022, the National Strategy for Economic Transformation (NSET) sets out our vision for an economy that is more productive and suffers from fewer structural inequalities. Central to this vision is a culture of enterprise, investment and innovation. 

Scotland’s labour market is a key component in driving economic growth,    inclusivity and equality. Through the actions we are taking we will deliver a labour market that: 

  • provides people with the skills they need at every stage of life to have rewarding careers and meet the demands of an ever-changing economy and society and where employers invest in the skilled employees they need to grow their businesses
  • embodies a culture of Fair Work that improves the health and wellbeing outcomes for workers and their families through the application of Fair Work principles and supports businesses with a highly productive and engaged workforce
  • offers financially and contractually secure work that provides workers with the foundations needed for a successful life and an effective and sustainable route out of poverty
  • is inclusive and offers equality of opportunity for all by eradicating structural barriers to participation, including through the provision of person-centred services for those furthest from the labour market that effectively support people to access, sustain and progress in work
  • offers people rewarding and fulfilling careers in high-quality jobs that   support the transition to net-zero and a high productivity economy


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