Electronic Monitoring in Scotland Working Group Report

Report and recommendations on electronic monitoring produced by the expert working group.


1. The Digital Strategy for Justice in Scotland, published in 2014, sets out how digital technology is used to transform the way in which agencies deliver justice services in the civil, criminal and administrative justice systems.

2. Prof. Anthea Hucklesby, 'Understanding Offenders' Compliance: A Case Study of Electronically Monitored Curfew Orders'

3. Fredrik Marklund & Stina Holmberg, 'Effects of Early Release from Prison Using Electronic Tagging in Sweden'

4. Anthea Hucklesby and Ella Holdsworth 'Electronic monitoring in England and Wales'

5. Mike Nellis, ' Standards and Ethics in Electronic Monitoring: Handbook for professionals responsible for the establishment and the use of Electronic Monitoring'

6. Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics In Scotland: 2014-15

7. Mike Nellis, 'Understanding The Electronic Monitoring of Offenders in Europe: expansion, regulation and prospects'

8. What "support" may comprise of will be scoped out in the aforementioned demonstration project


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