Electronic Monitoring in Scotland Working Group Report

Report and recommendations on electronic monitoring produced by the expert working group.


The EM in Scotland Working Group has, over the past 16 months, given careful consideration on how best to utilise the opportunities that EM can offer in the prevention and reduction of further offending, supporting the Cabinet Secretary's overall vision for penal policy in Scotland.

In this report the Working Group has set out a number of key recommendations arising from its deliberations. These have been informed by international evidence, partner and stakeholder engagement at a national and local level and the knowledge and expertise of the Working Group members.

The Working Group considers that EM could play a far greater role in the Scottish criminal justice system, through making more innovative use of the technology available and citing this within a desistance oriented approach.

It should be noted that the Working Group does not have the final word on electronic monitoring or how it should be used in Scotland. This report should, instead, be used by the Cabinet Secretary to inform his decisions and by partners and other agencies to stimulate their thinking more widely.

The EM in Scotland Working Group commends this report to Scottish Ministers and urges that early action be taken against the recommendations in a manner which is both ambitious and inclusive of all partners required to move the agenda forward at pace.


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