Electronic invoicing in public procurement: guide

A guide to our eInvoicing solution for buyers and suppliers of goods.

Supplier information

As eInvoicing will become the predominant method of invoicing, we are currently rolling out a national solution across the Scottish public sector.

Suppliers wishing to adopt eInvoicing will be approached by public bodies they do business with to discuss the process involved. They will be provided with the necessary information to ensure that they are aware of how to issue invoices via our eInvoicing solution as well as the format and content required for an eInvoice.

Suppliers will only be required to email PDF invoices to a unique email address set up for each public body they do business with. There is no requirement to install any new software as there are no complex or costly technical requirements or transition fees involved during the implementation phase.

An example of an eInvoice, showing the essential information components, is attached at the top right of this page.

Benefits include:

  • faster payment, by removing manual processes
  • reduction in cost associated with postage, processing and storage
  • improved customer satisfaction as a result of less invoice processing and payment issues
  • reduction in carbon footprint as no printing of invoices
  • increased visibility of where invoices are in the payment process
  • free to use

The following video provides an overview of the solution and how the process works.





To find out more about eInvoicing email:

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