Electronic invoicing in public procurement: guide

A guide to our eInvoicing solution for buyers and suppliers of goods.

Buyer information

Public bodies interested in implementing our eInvoicing solution should contact our eInvoicing team for more information at: 

In the first instance, a member of the eInvoicing team will talk to you about your how ready your organisation is to introduce eInvoicing, and explain the technical requirements, supplier on-boarding process and next steps for a succesful implementation.

The below video explains what's involved in implementing our eInvoicing solution.


Benefits to public bodies using the eInvoicing solution include:

  • reduced costs, by removing the need to scan, store and manually retrieve invoices
  • greater accuracy and efficiency due to straight-through processing of invoice data into the finance system
  • faster processing and payment cycles, as the solution bypasses aspects of manual processing
  • improvement in controls and compliance due to embedded validation and integrity checks
  • greater visibility and transparency 
  • more potential for staff to focus on higher value activities such as auditing and validating invoices, by eliminating low-value data entry jobs
  • complies with legislation on electronic invoicing in public procurement
  • eInvoicing can help reduce organisations' carbon footprint by removing printing, posting, sorting and destroying of paper









To find out more about eInvoicing email:

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