Education (Scotland) Bill: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment

Child rights and wellbeing impact assessment(CRWIA) for the Education (Reform) Bill.

11. Negative Impact/Incompatibility

No negative impacts have been identified as a result of the proposed provisions within the Education (Scotland) Bill to establish either Qualifications Scotland or HM Inspectorate of Education in Scotland. This is because both organisations will be undertaking functions that are currently the responsibility of the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Education Scotland respectively. As operationally independent organisations, the impacts of any operational decisions made by Qualifications Scotland and HM Inspectorate of Education in Scotland should be assessed by the bodies themselves. It is important to recognise that there would be different impacts for different people as result of operational decisions on qualifications, assessment and inspection. There are no potential concerns about compatibility with the UNCRC requirements.

The development of the policy to establish Qualifications Scotland and the independent inspectorate has at its core the objective of putting learners at the centre with the impact on children and young people at the forefront of our consideration. At this stage, no negative impact or incompatibility with the UNCRC articles of the provisions to be included in the Education (Scotland) Bill have been identified. This will be kept under review during the passage of the Bill through the Scottish Parliament.



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