Education (Scotland) Bill: island communities impact assessment

Island communities impact assessment (ICIA) for the Education (Reform) Bill.


Does your assessment identify any unique impacts on island communities?: No

  • Demographic
  • Economic
  • Gaelic
  • Social

Does your assessment identify any potential barriers or wider impacts? No

Are there mitigations already in place for these impacts raised? N/A

The Scottish Government's assessment has not identified any potential barriers or wider impacts on island communities which is significantly different from its effect on other communities. This includes the mainland and other island communities.

The policy memorandum which accompanied the Bill indicated that the Bill has no differential impact on island communities and that the provisions will apply equally to all parts of Scotland.

The Bill requires Qualifications Scotland and the Chief Inspector to have regard to the importance of communicating in a way that best meets the needs of children and young people including those with additional support needs, users of the Gaelic language and users of their services. Additionally, the Bill includes a specific requirement for the Chief Inspector to take account of Gaelic education and of the needs and interests of those who are provided with Gaelic education.

No policy issues were identified during the course of the development of the Bill, or from the stakeholder discussion or the public consultations, which would have an effect on an island community which was significantly different from the effect on other communities (including other island communities). It was therefore not considered necessary to conduct a full Island Communities Impact Assessment.

ICIA authorised by

Lisa Bird

Deputy Director, Education Reform

Lisa Bird 17/04/24



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