Collection of contact details in education: privacy notice

Education Analytical Services: Privacy notice on collection of contact details

How the data is used

The Scottish Government Education Analytical Services Division may use the names and contact details we hold to identify and contact individuals who we are confident will have an interest in a particular statistical or research topic we are working on.  

We may directly seek your views, invite you to meetings, alert you to our published reports and offer opportunities to attend events or engage with our consultations.  We do not use a single blanket mailing list but will refresh our lists and tailor our engagement to the work we are undertaking.

We may also keep records of our email and written correspondence with you, your responses to consultations, your requests for information, and notes we record of any meetings with you.  These records form an important part of the evidence base to help inform our functions.

When we receive a complaint about statistics from you, we may keep a record of your correspondence.  We may contact you during our investigation to acknowledge your initial correspondence, gather additional information, and formally respond to the issues you have raised.  We may also keep a log of your information so we can monitor our complaints procedures.

As a default, all information is held securely in a way that restricts access only to staff employed within the Scottish Government.  We currently retain all records of our activities for as long as they help us fulfil our functions.


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