Collection of contact details in education: privacy notice

Education Analytical Services: Privacy notice on collection of contact details

Data we collect

We may collect and hold information such as name and contact details (e.g. telephone numbers, email addresses and addresses).  These details may have been sourced from a public domain, such as from an organisation’s website.  We may also collect and process information if you have contacted us, or provided these to us directly.  

We may request contact information from other producers of statistics as part of our work to assist us in identifying people who we need to work with, or have an interest in, our statistics and research.  We may also have been passed contact information from our existing contacts who have identified you as having views which may assist us in our work.

We may also hold records of our interactions with you including email correspondence or meeting notes.  We will also hold records of who have received our statistics (e.g. pre-release contact lists).

We may also occasionally carry out surveys using Questback, where participation is completely voluntary.


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