Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) Statistics: privacy notice

Education Analytical Services: Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) Statistics

Data we collect

Data will be collected and processed on staff (teachers and staff who hold or are working towards graduate level qualifications (SCQF level 9 or above) working in settings providing funded ELC1 in Scotland.

Only the data items mentioned below will be shared with the Scottish Government. For example, we will not receive staff members’ names and contact details.

The data processed on teachers is:

  • GTCS registration number
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Job type
  • FTE
  • Hours/week and week/year worked
  • ELC setting the teacher works in
  • Teacher with more than 1 teaching position

The data processed on graduate level staff (and staff working towards graduate level qualifications) is:

  • SSSC registration number
  • Job type
  • Generalised information on qualifications held or working towards
  • FTE
  • Hours/week and week/year worked
  • ELC setting the staff member works in

Data is also collected on the settings providing funded ELC and contact details for the providers (email addresses and phone numbers). A contact address is also collected which in most cases is the address of the setting. This information is used for managing the data collection and is not made publicly available by the Scottish Government.



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