National Care Service - keeping care support local part 1 – local services: regional forums - easy read findings summary

In summer 2023, we held events across Scotland as part of our work to co-design the National Care Service (NCS). The events covered different themes. This easy-read report contains feedback on the Keeping care support local part 1 – local services theme.

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How services are working now

People told us that services work well when there is a good relationship between people giving support and those getting it. They said:

Some health and social care workers give excellent care and support. This is because they are serious about their work and helping others.

But some people told us about problems with the way services work. They said that:

The support they get is only about their basic needs rather than their whole life.

Staff leaving and new staff starting was a big problem. This is because it takes time to trust and understand people getting and giving social care support.

People said waiting lists are very long and staff are overworked. This means some people are not able to get the support they need.

We heard that things are even worse in countryside areas. There are not enough health and social care workers and there are issues with transport.

Some people said they had to fight for services.

Some people were afraid to move to a different council area. Different areas have different systems. They would have to start over again with trying to find care and support.



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