Building a New Scotland - an independent Scotland's place in the world: easy read version

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's proposals for an independent Scotland's place in the world.

Defence, peace and security in an independent Scotland

This paper sets out how an independent Scotland would provide for the defence and security of its people.

An independent Scotland would have its own armed forces. This means we could defend against threats that might affect us.

An independent Scotland would have a strong defence and security relationship with the UK and Ireland.

We would apply to join NATO and the European Union. We would work with them on security and defence, building relationships with other countries.

NATO is an international organisation which brings together the governments and armed forces of different countries to keep the peace and protect each other.

An independent Scotland would only take part in overseas military action if it follows the law. And it would have to be approved by Scottish Ministers and the Scottish Parliament.

This Scottish Government believes that following independence, nuclear weapons should be removed from Scotland in the safest and fastest possible way.



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