Children and young people: privacy notice

Privacy notice for children and young people produced by Education Analytical Services.

What information we get

The Scottish Government has to be given information from schools and local authorities. It’s the law.

Information with personal details

The information we get about you includes:

  • personal details like your date of birth and postcode
  • your attendance records
  • whether you get any extra support to help you learn
  • your achievement in literacy and numeracy and exam results.

This information helps us know who you are and what you need.

Information without personal details

Using this personal information, we can group this together to become information without your personal details.
This information includes you but you’re not named. It’s just numbers.
With this information, no one knows who you are.

Information in numbers gives us a quick and easy way to see how schools and education in Scotland is doing. We produce numbers about learners who:

  • pass exams
  • need extra help
  • get free school meals
  • come from different backgrounds
  • and other things.

For example

The average class size in primary schools in Scotland in 2022 was 23 pupils.


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