Children and young people: privacy notice

Privacy notice for children and young people produced by Education Analytical Services.

What we are doing with your information

We use information in different ways.

We study it

We study information without your personal details.

It helps us:

  • check that all schools and other education settings are working well
  • improve education systems
  • make better decisions
  • check that money is being used in the best ways
  • make new policies and plan for the future.

We publish it

We publish information without your personal details.
We publish information so people can see how well schools and education are doing in Scotland.

  • We put statistics on our website.
  • We have data tables on
  • We make sure there’s information on the School Information Dashboard

We share it

When we share your information, we make sure it’s kept safe and we follow the rules set out in law.
We only share information with personal details with organisations where the law allows us to so that they can produce their own numbers.
The list has places like:

  • National Records of Scotland
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority.

We also share information without your personal details.
Again, where the law allows us to, we share it with organisations that want to use it to produce their own numbers using this data. They do this:

  • for a reason like helping us plan for the future
  • for a reason that will help make things better for the people of Scotland
  • following the rulesfor a set time then they must destroy the information.

We keep it

The law allows us to keep personal information about you to study with as long as we need to.


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