Early learning and childcare service model for 2020: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to the joint Scottish Government and COSLA consultation on the new Early Learning and Childcare service model for 2020.

Chapter 4 The partnership between local authorities and funded providers

The consultation document asked respondents about what they consider to be the key shared principles which should underpin an effective and positive partnership between local authorities and funded providers. Respondents raised the following points in answer to this question:

  • Communication
  • Quality
  • Equity, trust and transparency
  • Support and training
  • Living wage for staff.

Each of these points will be further explored below.

4.1 Communication

The majority of respondents highlighted the importance of effective and regular communication and a professional dialogue between local authorities and funded providers as one of the key principles that should underlie their partnership. It was suggested that local authorities should consult ELC providers during the roll-out of the new service model as well as with regards to the setting of the funding rate.

4.2 Quality

Many respondents regarded high quality of ELC services as a central guiding principle underlying the partnership between local authorities and funded providers.

4.3 Equity, trust and transparency

It was suggested that equity, trust and transparency should be a key guiding principle underpinning the relationship between local authorities and partner providers. In addition, it was highlighted that there should be equity between different provider types for provider neutrality to be realised.

4.4 Support and training

Respondents suggested that funded providers should receive support and training/professional development from local authorities. It was considered important that all providers have equal access to the training provided by local authorities. The types of support mentioned also included access to IT management as well as access to resources for children with additional support needs.

4.5 Living wage

Respondents felt that being able to pay staff delivering ELC services the living wage should be a key guiding principle of the local authority-funded provider partnership.


Respondents furthermore suggested that Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) and, more generally, working towards ensuring positive outcomes for children, should be one of the key principles underlying partnerships in the ELC sector.


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