Early learning and childcare: induction resource

This induction resource provides new ELC employees with all the relevant information they need on what to expect in their first few months in post, including the most up-to-date resources and best practice.

Trade Union Membership

The early years profession is supported by a number of trade unions who will look after their members employed in the sector. Trade union members benefit from the strength and security that comes from people working together to tackle problems. Trade unions negotiate with employers on behalf of union members to agree: wages; work rules; complaint procedures; workplace safety; the rules governing hiring and firing; and promotion of workers benefits.

For a small membership fee, unions offer a variety of support to members, for example:

  • Providing advice on a range of workplace matters;
  • Opportunities to undertake a range of extra learning and training related to the jobs that members do;
  • Listening to concerns that members may have at work and providing appropriate advice on how best to resolve them;
  • Supporting members to raise concerns with employers and sometimes doing this on their behalf;
  • Supporting members through disciplinary and grievance processes should they arise;
  • Negotiating agreements with employers on pay and conditions on behalf of members;
  • Acting on behalf of and supporting members in the unusual event of redundancy;
  • Legal services for you at work and at home, this includes support around professional registration via SSSC;
  • Financial assistance and debt advice in times of need;
  • Compensation for accidents and injuries at work.


UNISON is Scotland's largest trade union representing workers in the public, private and third sectors including early learning and childcare, schools, colleges and universities.

Voice the Union

Voice represent anyone working in education including Early Years Practitioners.

Educational Institute for Scotland (EIS)

The EIS union represents teachers in all sectors of education in Scotland. You can join this union if you have a teaching qualification and are employed in ELC as a teacher.

NASWUT, the Teachers Union

NASWUT, The Teachers Union represents teachers in Scotland. You can join this union if you have a teaching qualification and are employed in ELC as a teacher.

AHDS (the Association of Heads and Deputes in Scotland)

AHDS is a trade union dedicated to providing a distinct voice for promoted teachers from Scotland's primary, nursery and ASN schools.



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