Early learning and childcare: induction resource

This induction resource provides new ELC employees with all the relevant information they need on what to expect in their first few months in post, including the most up-to-date resources and best practice.

Reflective Questions to Consider With Your Mentor


The aim of this section of the National Induction Resource is to encourage you to reflect on the important role you play in a child's life. It is designed to reinforce your individual responsibility and accountability to help you be the best childcare worker possible, to help you to understand how reflecting on your practice can help improve outcomes for children and how your workplace can support you.

In response to COVID-19 the Care Inspectorate has developed 'Key Question 5; Operating an Early Learning and Childcare setting (including out of school care and childminders) during COVID-19'. This self-evaluation resource and tool should be given particular consideration during your first month in post and may be useful in understanding your service's Covid-19 procedures. It can support you in learning how you will gather information and continually evaluate progress in supporting children and families, and ensuring positive outcomes for them through your implementation of the national guidance for COVID-19.

Throughout your career you will be encouraged to reflect on your practice. This means learning from your everyday experiences and using this to develop your work with children. The reflective questions in this resource should be viewed as a first step in your self-evaluation and personal development process which will continue throughout your career. They are designed to encourage you to reflect on the extent to which you are demonstrating the skills, knowledge and understanding to work with children, young people and families in Scotland.

You should work through these questions with your workplace mentor who can give you advice and support which will help develop your skills and knowledge. They are written to promote discussion about your role in providing quality care and learning for children. Your mentor will work with you and support you in the work place by providing learning opportunities, guidance and role modelling.


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