Early learning and childcare: data transformation project

Project to address the shortcommings of the current Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) census.

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In order to deliver the new data collection and collection process, it is necessary to carry out trials to test certain changes with the process along the way.

  • the first trial was conducted in May 2017, testing collecting data in term 3 (April/May, rather than in September) and collecting data directly from local authorities rather than from ELC settings. It also included registrations for funded ELC with childminders, which is not captured in the current census.
  • the second trial was conducted in June 2018, testing the process for collecting individual level data on children accessing funded ELC from local authorities. This trial also tested the changes to the SEEMiS system to allow the required data to be recorded and extracted, and tested the new ProcXed system set up for this collection. 

Reports from both data trials are available via the 'supporting files' sidebar.


Email: ELCDataTransformation@gov.scot


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