Why are drug-related deaths among women increasing in Scotland? - full report

A scoping project examining potential explanations for the disproportionate rise in drug-related deaths among women.


The assistance of the following is gratefully acknowledged:

  • All the staff from front-line services, academia, and the third sector who took part in our stakeholder conversations (See Appendix 2 for a summary of informant roles)
  • All the women who took part in the qualitative element of the Older People with Drug Problems project, and to the peer researchers who undertook the interviews
  • Scottish Government Library Services, for undertaking the literature search
  • Frank Dixon (National Records for Scotland), Lee Barnsdale, Xanthippi Gounari and Jaroslaw Lang (ISD Scotland), and Andy McAuley (Health Protection Scotland/Glasgow Caledonian University) for providing data to inform the synthesis, and for their advice on analysis and interpretation
  • Mark Lawson, Fran Warren, Fiona Fraser, Maggie Page and Carol Brown (Scottish Government), and Elinor Dickie ( NHS Health Scotland) for guidance throughout the project


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