Offshore wind energy - draft sectoral marine plan: strategic environmental assessment

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) identifies the likely significant environmental impacts of plans and policies and proposed reasonable alternatives to them.

7 Concluding Statement

7.1.1 The results discussed above support a conclusion that, when considered at a national scale, there is potential for up to 10 GW of offshore wind to be installed in Scottish waters without significant adverse effect on the environment.

7.1.2 This conclusion is based on the implementation of both plan and project level mitigation, designed to avoid significant adverse effects and support the continued development of the evidence base which will inform the assessment of future developments.

7.1.3 There remains significant uncertainty regarding the potential size, design and location of arrays, and the size and technology selection of individual turbines. Therefore, notwithstanding the above conclusion, comprehensive project level assessment will be required against the specific characteristics of the proposed development and the baseline environment at that location.



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