Offshore wind energy - draft sectoral marine plan: strategic environmental assessment

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) identifies the likely significant environmental impacts of plans and policies and proposed reasonable alternatives to them.

8 Next Steps

8.1 Timescale for the Assessment

8.1.1 This Environmental Report has informed the conclusions of the Sustainability Appraisal Report, and both of these alongside the draft plans are subject to a minimum 12 week statutory consultation period. At the end of the consultation process, the views of stakeholders and the public on the plan and assessment work will be analysed. In light of these comments, the Plan will be reviewed, updated and finalised. If significant changes are made to the DPOs, the SEA will be reviewed in order to consider whether any further work will be required.

8.1.2 After consultation and analysis has been concluded a SEA Post Adoption Statement will be produced, detailing:

  • How sustainability considerations have been integrated into the plans;
  • How the sustainability appraisal and technical reports have been taken into account;
  • How consultee opinions have been taken into account;
  • The reasons for choosing the plan or programme as adopted, in the light of the other reasonable alternatives considered; and
  • Measures to be used to monitor the significant effects of the plan.

8.1.3 A Post Adoption Statement will be prepared alongside the final plan to fulfil the requirements of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 At this stage, the plan is anticipated for adoption in 2020.



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