Community equipment and housing adaptations: draft guidance - executive summary

Executive summary of new guidance relating to the provision of community equipment and housing adaptations to aid daily living for health boards, local authorities and their partners.


It is now recognised that there is significant pressure within the prison system from a growing ageing population, coupled with almost 40% describing themselves as having a long-term condition or a disability (Scottish Prison Service 2019 Prisoner Survey).

This has implications for the support required within the prison service, but also when prisoners are eligible for release. Equipment and adaptations are part of the services which require to be systematically provided to facilitate successful transitions: at the point of admission, when transferred within the prison estate, or on release to the community.

Drawing on good practice from partnerships and their local prisons, a new Protocol for the Provision of Equipment to Prisons has been developed. The protocol aims to promote a consistent and reliable approach to the assessment, provision, and uplift, of community equipment to ensure that the needs of these prisoners are met effectively.

Key Actions

  • Local partnerships should apply the principles of theProtocol for the Provision of Equipment to Prisons as a tool to help them jointly review any current service provision with their SPS colleagues, to streamline and improve the pathways for all equipment provision, and establish cohesive governance arrangements.
  • It is expected that the following arrangements should be in place:
    • Robust and consistent assessment pathways with NHS healthcare staff within the prison able to assess and recommend equipment for non-complex needs, and HSCP staff assessing for more complex needs;
    • SPS to fund equipment for long term needs, and HSCPs to fund equipment for short-term loan;
    • Business efficiencies maximised with access to local Store service arrangements for the provision of effectively procured and standardised equipment solution for both long-term and short-term provision.



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