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Donation and Transplantation Plan For Scotland 2013-2020

Published: 11 Jul 2013
Population Health Directorate
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Health and social care

Our national plan setting out key recommendations around organ and tissue donation and transplantation to improve Scotland's performance.

33 page PDF

687.1 kB

33 page PDF

687.1 kB

Donation and Transplantation Plan For Scotland 2013-2020

33 page PDF

687.1 kB

ISBN 978 1 78256 718 9
DPPAS 14445

An addenda was published on Wednesday 12 March 2014 as a result of change to the first two bullets under the subhead ‘By 2020, in Scotland:’ within paragraph 1.5 on pdf page 4.

These now read as

By 2020, in Scotland:
• Overall deceased donation rates will increase from 17.9 per million population in 2012/13 to 26 per million population.
• Overall transplantation rates in Scotland from deceased donors will increase from 65.8 to 74 per million population

The pdf, html and eBook have been updated to reflect these changes.

This document is also available in pdf format (659KB)


Ministerial Foreword

Introduction and Background

Five Priorities for Organ Donation and Transplantation in Scotland:

Priority 1: Increasing the number of people in Scotland who have made their wishes about donation known

Priority 2: Increasing the availability of organs

Priority 3: Making every donation count

Priority 4: Ensuring all parts of NHSScotland are knowledgeable about and support donation and transplantation

Priority 5: Ensuring the public in Scotland is informed and engaged about donation and transplantation

Annex A: Summary of Recommendations

Annex B: Organ Donation Task Force Recommendations


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