Donation and transplantation plan for Scotland 2013-2020

Our national plan setting out key recommendations around organ and tissue donation and transplantation to improve Scotland's performance.


1. An Organ Donation Strategy for Scotland, Scottish Transplant Group, 2002:


3. An international meeting on non-heart-beating (DCD) donation held in Maastricht in 1995 identified four categories of potential non-heart-beating organ donors. This list was subsequently amended to include a fifth category. The five categories can be split into those which can be described as uncontrolled, where donation cannot be planned (for example Category I, where someone is dead on arrival at hospital) or controlled, where donation can be planned and organ outcomes optimised (for example Category IV, cardiac arrest in a brainstem dead donor). The full list of Maastrict categories is available at:

4. Scottish Health Dept Letter 2004/51 -

5. CMO letter 2010/11 -

6. CMO letter 2012/08 -


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