Coronavirus (COVID-19) domestic vaccine certification: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment considering the impacts for businesses, sectors, and consumers of the domestic Covid Vaccine Certification scheme.

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Implementation, delivery plan and post-implementation review

The Scottish Government will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the policy. As the regulations have been laid under the Coronavirus Act 2020, there is a requirement to review the regulations every 21 days. The extent to which the policy is achieving the objectives (reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus; reduce the risk of serious illness and death thereby alleviating current and future pressure on the National Health Service; allow higher risk settings to continue to operate as an alternative to closure or more restrictive measures; and increase vaccine uptake) will be monitored and evaluated in line with this requirement. Monitoring and evaluation will also provide us with further information about other positive and negative effects of the introduction of the policy. We will also continue to assess whether any less intrusive measures could be introduced to achieve the same combination of policy objectives in respect of the higher risk sectors concerned; if so, the policy will be immediately reviewed.

The Certification provisions will expire on 28 February 2022, as with all other Covid measures under the Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Requirements) (Scotland) Regulations 2021. Parliamentary approval would be required to extend them further.



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