Diversity in political representation in Scotland: data improvement project proposal

We have been scoping out a project to work with stakeholders to improve the completeness of data on the diversity of election candidates and elected representatives in Scotland. This paper sets out details of a proposed new data collection at the 2022 local council elections.

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9. Responding to this proposal paper

In addition to the engagement we have had with stakeholders and academics to date we are publishing this proposal paper to provide an opportunity for stakeholders and other interested parties to provide feedback or ask questions on our approach.

Please contact us directly with any comments or queries by 12 January 2022 at: diverserepresentationdata@gov.scot. If you would prefer to feedback or ask questions verbally, we can be reached via the Central Inquiry Unit (0300 244 4000. Ask for Hannah Rutherford or Gillian Cruickshank). Please also let us know if you would like to be kept up to date on the project.


Email: Gillian.Cruickshank@gov.scot

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