Distillery by-products, livestock feed and bio-energy use: report

We commissioned this report in response to concerns by livestock farmers about the impact of anaerobic digestion and bio-energy on the availability of distillery by-product for use as livestock feed in Scotland.


AD Anaerobic Digestion

CHP Combined Heat & Power (plant)

CP Crude Protein (of animal feed)

DDGS Distiller’s Dark Grains with Solubles

DM Dry Matter

FW Fresh Weight

GW Giga watt (1 thousand million watts)

HL Hecto-litres (100 litres)

kW kilo watt (1 thousand watts)

kWhr kilo watt hour (1 thousand watts for one hour)

kW e kilo watt electrical energy

kW TH kilo watt thermal energy

LPA Litres of Pure Alcohol

ME Metabolisable Energy (livestock feed)

MJ Mega Joule (1 million joules)

MW Mega watt (1 million watts)

PAS Pot Ale Syrup

RFV Relative Feed Value


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