Digital Economy Business Survey 2021: findings

Summary of findings from the Digital Economy Business Survey (DEBS) 2021. This publication includes the high level DEBS report, accompanying data tables and the Digital Economy Maturity Index 2021.

Digital Economy Business Survey 2021

97% of businesses have an internet connection

3 in 4 state that digital technologies had positively impacted productivity, innovation and/or low carbon working

Adoption of Key Technologies:
A bar chart is shown listing the share of businesses with an internet connection in Scotland that use the listed digital technologies. 97% of businesses had an internet connection, 83% had mobile technologies, 76% had a website, 74% used cloud computing, 72% social media, 57% remote working software, 40% data analytics, 20% management software and 9% internet of things. Arrows in the chart indicate what digital technologies saw a significant increase in use from 2017, which included: mobile, website, cloud computing, social media, and management software.

Almost all technologies saw an increase in use between 2017 and 2021

Share of businesses using Cloud computing has almost doubled

3 in 10 businesses are fully equipped with the relevant skills to protect against and deal with cyber security threats

35% of businesses sold their goods or services online

1 in 5 businesses are fully equipped with digital technology skills

1 in 4 businesses stated that digital technology was essential in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic



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