Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) School Coordinators: equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment (EQIA) for the implementation of Developing the Young Workforce School Coordinators.

Monitoring and Review

DYW Regional Leads, with support from DYW School Coordinators, are responsible for delivering and reporting on the 4 KPIs. An additional measurement has been added to KPI 1 for DYW School Coordinators:

Additional School Coordinator Measurement

a) A written partnership agreement for each school

b) This should include

  • the roles and responsibilities of all partners;
  • utilising data and LMI to inform activity;
  • identify any gaps in provision across partners and recommendations that can mitigate against any identified risks and
  • regular review points and updating partnership agreements where appropriate to ensure continued delivery of the KPI and ‘No Wrong Door’ approach.

All School Coordinator partnership agreements should be quality assured by the Schools SMT and the DYW Regional Board.

In addition, DYW will also feed into the Young Person’s Guarantee and the equality sub group. This provides an opportunity to shape the Coordinators in order to tackle any additional future barriers that individuals may face due to COVID-19.

The DYW groups themselves are expected to adhere to equality.

This EQIA will be regularly reviewed and updated where necessary.



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