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Developing the Social Security Charter: co-design process

Published: 9 Jan 2019

Report on the process used for development of the Scottish Social Security Charter.

Developing the Social Security Charter: co-design process
Annex E – Charter Content Checklist

Annex E – Charter Content Checklist

Scottish Social Security Charter: What is important to people with lived experience of social security Please note: statements without vote numbers were added after the survey
ID no Statement Votes % of votes
Theme No 1: Clients role and status
1.1 Clients are claiming a human right not looking for a hand out 198 15%
1.2 Clients have as much information as they want about their claim in a way they can understand 175 13%
1.3 Clients can get advice and advocacy when they need it 153 11%
1.4 Clients have a choice of how they talk to, contact and work with the social security agency 134 10%
1.5 Clients are considered trustworthy from the start 120 9%
1.6 Clients know how much money they will get and when they will get it 119 9%
1.7 Clients are told as soon as possible if the amount of money they will get or when they get it changes 87 6%
1.8 Clients respect and trust Social Security staff 86 6%
1.9 Clients are involved in research to find out if the promises in this Charter are being kept 67 5%
1.10 Clients are always consulted about new services and making services better 61 5%
1.11 Clients are open and honest, trustworthy, polite and understanding 50 4%
1.12 It costs clients nothing to claim social security benefits 49 4%
1.13 Clients are involved in staff training 43 3%
Totals 1342 100%
1.14 Clients should know who to contact for any social security situation and how to ask for their needs to be met Not applicable
1.15 Clients should be made to feel able/comfortable when asking for their needs to be met Not applicable
Theme 2: Staff behaviour
2.1 Staff take care of clients, treat them as individuals not a number 210 16%
2.2 Staff know about and understand the barriers and difficulties clients can face 200 15%
2.3 Staff support clients to get the all the income they have a right to 196 14%
2.4 Staff never judge clients or make assumptions about them 169 12%
2.5 Staff are open and honest, they listen to clients, they are kind and polite 168 12%
2.6 Staff know about other services or chances/opportunities that can help clients and help them to get them 140 10%
2.7 Staff never tell anyone outside the agency anything about clients, without their permission 74 5%
2.8 Staff acknowledge and learn from mistakes 64 5%
2.9 Staff are flexible within the rules of social security 52 4%
2.10 Staff understand that having different types of people is good for Scotland 43 3%
2.11 Staff know all about who can claim each benefit 38 3%
1354 100%
2.13 Staff know about and help clients to get accessible formats, translations and other support for needs Not Applicable
Theme No 3: Processes
3.1 Assessments are done in a way that causes as little stress as possible 260 20%
3.2 Assessments are done by people who are specialists in the condition being assessed 255 19%
3.3 Assessments are only done when there is no other way to find out if a person qualifies for the benefit 245 19%
3.4 Assessments are always done by people who work in the not-for-profit public sector 193 15%
3.5 Assessments can sometimes include a professional that knows the client well with your permission 135 10%
3.6 Social Security processes are easy to understand 102 8%
3.7 People who have claimed social security help to design social security processes 70 5%
3.8 Processes are accessible to all 61 5%
1321 100%
3.9 Advocacy should be well resourced Not Applicable
3.10 Payments should be enough to ensure that clients can take part in society Not Applicable
Theme 4 : Social Security System
4.1 Social security is a public (not private) service 250 19%
4.2 The Agency works to tell people about their right to benefits and how they can get them 203 15%
4.3 The social security system is the same all across Scotland 141 11%
4.4 The Agency gets decisions 'right first time' 127 10%
4.5 The Agency looks for ways to work with other organisations which will help them to help clients 118 9%
4.6 The Social Security Agency works in a way that does not waste time or money 106 8%
4.7 The Agency admits and learns from its mistakes 104 8%
4.8 People have a reasonable choice about how they contact and work with the Agency 81 6%
4.9 The social security system is flexible within the rules 79 6%
4.10 The system changes to keep up with changes in society 72 5%
4.11 The Agency's service keeps getting better 50 4%
1331 100%
Theme 5: Wider social security culture in Scotland
5.1 Social Security payments are enough to make sure clients can take part in society 301 23%
5.2 The Scottish Government uses the social security system to help reduce poverty in Scotland 286 21%
5.3 Social security is seen by people in Scotland as a human right 226 17%
5.4 The Agency and Scottish Government will work to reduce any 'stigma' surrounding clients 209 16%
5.5 The Scottish Government reviews payments every so often and increases them over time 160 12%
5.6 People in Scotland feel a part of and proud of their social security system 153 11%
1335 100%


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