Offshore renewable developments - developing marine mammal dynamic energy budget models: report

A report detailing the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) frameworks and their potential for integration into the iPCoD framework for harbour seal, grey seal, bottlenose dolphin, and minke whale (building on an existing DEB model for harbour porpoise to help improve marine mammal assessments for offshore renewable developments.


Table 1. State variables and deduced state variable (calculated using other state variables) of the modelled individuals.

Table 2. Initial body condition (ρstart) and age for the modelled species.

Table 3. Description of parameters used in the model. for all the equations refer to Hin et al. (2019).

Table 4. Parameter values for harbour seals used in this Chapter.

Table 5. List of parameters, their description, value used in the final model simulation and variation range used in the global sensitivity analysis.

Table 6. Parameter values used in the grey seal DEB model.

Table 7. Parameter values used in the bottlenose dolphin DEB model.

Table 8. Parameter values used in the minke whale DEB model.

Table 9. Parameters investigated using Approximate Bayesian Computation, and their prior distributions. Values used in the minke whale DEB model.

Table 10. Rejection criteria used in Approximate Bayesian Computational Analysis.



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