Scotland's environmental performance

We can be proud of the progress we have already achieved in Scotland. We are recognised as a world leader in tackling climate change and developing a circular economy. We were one of the first countries to commit publically to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and to announce our intended framework for implementing them through our refreshed National Performance Framework. We have set tough targets on air pollution, are helping to lead the way on reducing dependency on single use items, including being the first part of the UK to commit to introducing a deposit return scheme for drinks containers. And following extensive consultation, we have issued a preferred policy position not to support fracking, subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment.

We are a nation with ambition. But, when we look at the evidence, it is clear that significant future action is needed, for example, to halt the loss of biodiversity in Scotland and restore healthy ecosystems; to enhance our natural capital after past decades of decline; to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackle air pollution, waste and diffuse pollution of water courses; to increase the number of people accessing, enjoying and connecting with nature, particularly those from the most deprived areas; and to reduce Scotland's international ecological footprint.