Developing a local child poverty action report: guidance

Guidance for local authorities on developing a local child poverty action report.

National partner support

All published LCPARs will be made available on the Improvement Service‚Äôs website. They are also published on the Tackling Child Poverty Knowledge Hub where members can comment and offer constructive feedback. 
The Improvement Service (IS) website also provides information on the range of support available to local partners from the National Partners (IS, COSLA, Poverty Alliance, the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), Scottish Government, Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit (SPIRU), PHS). This includes

  • intensive improvement support
  • feedback and advice
  • peer support
  • knowledge exchange
  • access to a range of tools and materials

National Partners also offer direct feedback for each local authority and health board.

The Poverty and Inequality Commission (PIC) offered feedback on the Year 1 reports. Key points highlighted by PIC included: involving those with lived experience of poverty in developing local action plans; demonstrating leadership at all levels of an organisation; taking actions we know work and explaining evaluation of actions.

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