Delivering quality in primary care: progress report

Progress report from 2012 which details the progress made in implementing the delivering quality in primary care action plan.

Annex B

Delivering Quality in Primary Care: National Actions

  1. Work with the independent contractors on proposals for ensuring that all the contracts are better able to support the delivery of quality care.
  2. Improve access for patients.
  3. Develop and implement the Scottish Patient Safety Programme in Primary Care.
  4. Ensure we have in place an up-to-date, agreed suite of care pathways.
  5. Develop, as part of the quality measurement framework, national quality indicators for the delivery of primary medical services Out of Hours.
  6. Continue to give priority to anticipatory care.
  7. Help the professions with their workforce planning.
  8. Take steps to ensure more effective partnership between the different primary care professionals.
  9. Continue to attach priority to, and implement cost-effective solutions to, improve communications within primary care and between primary and secondary care.
  10. Ensure primary care practitioners contribute to a clearer understanding between patients and practitioners on what it will mean to be a fully mutual NHS in the decade ahead.
  11. Ensure that NHS performance management and accountability structures reflect the central importance of Prima.


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