Delivering quality in primary care: progress report

Progress report from 2012 which details the progress made in implementing the delivering quality in primary care action plan.

5. Conclusion

This report can, by its nature, reflect only a small proportion of the excellent work which is going on day by day in primary care. There are many examples across NHSScotland where Boards have taken the national priorities set out in the DQPC action plan and developed local solutions to meet the needs of their patients. Much of this work is at the forefront of innovation and best practice.

It can also only articulate a small proportion of the many challenges we face in delivering sustainable high quality care. We believe, however, that having to make choices and set priorities is a positive virtue. If, by working closely together and with determination and focus, we are able to tackle successfully the key issues flagged up in this report, then we shall have gone a long way to delivering – sustainably – the quality ambitions to which we are all committed and which will make a material difference to the people of Scotland.


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