Delivering a Greener, Fairer, Independent Scotland - One Year On

Delivering a Greener, Fairer, Independent Scotland - One Year On provides an update on the progress made since the Bute House Agreement was reached between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Green Party.

Looking Ahead

The Programme for Government 2022-23 provides an important opportunity to demonstrate continued high ambitions for Scotland. The Programme for Government 2021-22 set out the long term aims for this parliamentary term supported by the Bute House Agreement, and this year's Programme for Government will build on this, setting out a clear, bold and ambitious plan for the delivery of those aims, including detailing targeted new policies to respond to the new challenges we face.

The Government is primarily focussed on four key tasks: reducing child poverty; addressing the climate crisis; the recovery from Covid of our public services including the delivery of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation; and the development of the prospectus for an independent Scotland and the delivery of a referendum in the second half of 2023. Alongside addressing these challenges, Ministers recognise that the cost of living crisis requires a response within the powers available to the Scottish Government. Alongside the Government's existing investment of £3 billion, Ministers will continue to review their actions and will do more where that can be done, whilst holding the UK Government to account over its lack of meaningful action.

The Bute House Agreement is an Agreement for this parliamentary term. After one year, firm foundations have been built, demonstrating delivery and progress on shared policy priorities and adopting an approach that is both challenging and constructive. That commitment will be strengthened moving forward.

The Programme for Government 2022-23 will set out the specific packages of actions to be delivered in the next twelve months including actions from the Bute House Agreement. This will include the next stage in delivering a range of key commitments such as:

  • Increasing the Scottish Child Payment to children under 16 to £25 per week per eligible child by the end of 2022.
  • Increasing ambition on climate change, including further measures to reduce emissions from the transport and agriculture and land use sectors and accelerate the deployment of renewables.
  • Introducing the Land Reform Bill to the Scottish Parliament in 2023 to empower communities to benefit from the opportunities that nature restoration and the journey to net zero presents.
  • Publishing a new Biodiversity Strategy in 2022, followed by a delivery plan in 2023 which will set out how the Government will tackle the biodiversity crisis in Scotland.
  • Progress the education reform programme to establish a new independent inspectorate, national agency for Scottish education and qualifications body, underpinned where required by legislation.
  • In response to recommendations from the OECD Review and the final report by Professor Ken Muir, an inclusive and wide-ranging National Discussion will take place, providing an opportunity for learners, parents and carers, and practitioners, to shape the future vision for Education in Scotland, based on their experiences, reporting in early 2023.



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