Employee grievances: NHSScotland PIN policy

This Partnership Information Network (PIN) policy is not in use after 1 March 2020. Policies in force after 1 March 2020 are on https://workforce.nhs.scot/policies

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1 Introduction

This PIN policy sets out revised and updated guidance on the approach of NHSScotland to dealing with employee grievances, following the original publication of the Dealing with Employee Concerns PIN in 2001.

This PIN policy is designed to support a range of options for dealing with situations or circumstances where employees have grievances; this includes the use of informal approaches or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation, where it is appropriate.

Underpinning this PIN policy are the statutory and regulatory requirements which NHS employers have to comply with. These have been updated in this revised policy.

This PIN policy has been developed in partnership between management and trade unions/professional organisations and is built around the Staff Governance Standard6. The Staff Governance Standard states that best practice HR policies should be in place and communicated to staff, and that PIN Policy and practice publications are met or exceeded.

It is recognised that in all organisations it is inevitable that situations or circumstances will arise that result in employees being concerned. It is important that employees are confident that their employer acknowledges their right to raise such issues and has policies and procedures in place to resolve them fairly, promptly and locally.

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