Employee grievances: NHSScotland PIN policy

This Partnership Information Network (PIN) policy is not in use after 1 March 2020. Policies in force after 1 March 2020 are on https://workforce.nhs.scot/policies

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Annex A: Grievance Notification Form

Strictly confidential

This form gives guidance to an employee(s) in setting out a grievance and may be used with or in place of a letter.

Employees who have difficulty expressing themselves on paper, or, for example, whose first language is not English, are encouraged to seek help from a work colleague, trade union/ professional organisation representative or a representative from the HR department in setting out their grievance.

Use of this form, or a letter, will be used as notification of the Grievance and as a record of subsequent discussion(s) and decision(s) during the stages of the Grievance Procedure.

Annex A: Grievance Notification Form

On completion, this form should be sent to the relevant member of management who will be responsible for hearing the grievance.

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