Health and social care - data strategy: consultation

We are gathering views on how data should be used and managed, across health and social care. These views will help shape the development of Scotland’s first data strategy for health and social care.

8. Next Steps for the Data Strategy for Health and Social Care

8.1. What will we do with your responses?

Your responses will be gathered and analysed to input directly into the development of the Data Strategy for Health and Social Care. We will publish responses on the Citizen Space platform in line with Scottish Government's commitment to openness and transparency (See section 9.2 for more information). While this consultation is live, we will continue our engagement across the health and social care sector, through workshops, presentation, and open engagement session.

8.2. When will the Data Strategy be published?

There will be a phased approach to achieving the vision of the Data Strategy and phase one, setting out the vision, ambitions and actions will be published by the end of 2022.

Further phases will be published as we continue work on the Data Strategy over the coming years. Additional actions and delivery plans will be published until the overarching vision has been met.



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