Health and social care - data strategy: consultation

We are gathering views on how data should be used and managed, across health and social care. These views will help shape the development of Scotland’s first data strategy for health and social care.

3. Progress of our Strategy to date

Work originally started in 2019 exploring people in Scotland's opinions and ideas for the use and sharing of health and social care data. This initial engagement and research helped us identify seven 'relationships' that Scottish people have with their health and social care data. These are explored in detail in an interactive tool that explores peoples hopes and fears for the future, read our findings from Data Dialogues on

In November 2021 we began a more detailed programme of engagement on our plans for a Data Strategy that followed on from the previous Data Dialogues.

In the first phase of our engagement, we spoke to stakeholders in the three user groups and asked them what they needed from a Data Strategy for health and social care data. From this first phase of engagement, we heard about eight key themes:

  • Communication & Engagement
  • Data Access
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Talent & Culture
  • Ethical Approaches to Data
  • Digital Exclusion
  • Information Governance & Security
  • Data Standards & Interoperability

We are using the information we gathered from the first phase of our engagement to inform this consultation.



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