Cyber resilience economic opportunity: key actions 2018-2021

The Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity action plan sets out the key practical steps we and our partners will take to grow Scotland’s cyber security industry.

5 Strategic Fit

5.1 This plan is one of a suite of five action plans that the Scottish Government committed to develop in the Programme for Government 2017-18. The others are:

  • Learning and skills (published in March 2018), focused on ensuring (i) our citizens have the appropriate understanding, knowledge and behaviours to live and work safely and securely in the digital world; and (ii) our cyber security workforce have the appropriate specialist skills. The success of this action plan will be vital to embedding a culture of cyber resilience in Scotland.
  • Public sector (published in November 2017), private sector and third sector (published in June 2018), focused on driving up fundamental levels of cyber resilience across the three sectors.

5.2 The cyber resilience action plans are intended to complement each other and be mutually reinforcing.

5.3 This action plan also feeds into Scotland's broader Economic[5] and Digital[6] Strategies. It complements and supports the aims of these strategies and specifically contributes to:

  • Several key aims of Scotland's Economic Strategy, including: fostering a culture of innovation; supporting the development of highly innovative businesses and supporting high impact research in Scottish universities; creating underlying conditions which will make Scotland a major destination for investment; and promoting Scotland on the international stage to boost our trade and investment, influence and networks.
  • Two key aims of Scotland's Digital Strategy which are: to work with industry to create the conditions in which our digital technologies industry can thrive; and to ensure that our critical national infrastructure is secure and resilient against cyber attack.

5.4 As this plan is rolled out, the Scottish Government will continue to engage across its internal policy directorates to ensure that cyber resilience continues to be understood in that broader strategic economic context.



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